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Sidhant Minocha

Donning multiple hats of a designer, a stylist, and an educator, Sidhant has garnered years of experience working with notable names such as Neeru Kumar, Lecoanet Hemant, ITC Wills Lifestyle, Ikai Asai and Government of India. These collective experiences have now allowed him to offer a band of services such as artisan education, design collaboration & consultation and wardrobe styling, all tied together with the single thread of his passion for the evolution of and innovation in fashion and textiles.

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Growing up in two culturally diverse cities of Delhi and Bathinda, Punjab, and traveling frequently, Sidhant developed a distinctive understanding of urban and rural sensibilities. This is what has inspired the Sidhant Minocha brand to embody the true soul of India, pulling together the threads of cultural vibrancy from the spread of the nation, and carefully weaving these myriad identities into the pattern of a global, evolving, yet culturally-rooted, Bharat.

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"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness."
- Mahatma Gandhi

The larger vision is to influence consumers to experience sustainable textile alternates that support local communities and environment and reverse the fast fashion movement. Sidhant Minocha brand is committed to offering conscious services that seal the void between traditional Indian skills, social and environmental issues, and a quality design.

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