Design for me is anything that simplifies and adds value to the end user. I hereby wish to extend my services out of my brand Sedhantik to other design brands, social initiatives, and individuals. My expertise lies in conceptualising and creating fashion and textile products with sustainable raw materialsand processes.

The offering is to undertake commissioned design and/or production work for motifs or final products for fashion (clothing and accessories), home linen, and yardages. This offering also works quite well for someone seeking textile based wedding or corporate gifts. Since I work remotely with craft clusters, I can also take you along on a craft visit to experience where the chosen craft is coming from. For that you can go visit the Travel section.



Fashion has given me a voice to express myself vividly. Thanks to my cross-cultural training in this field, I have successfully delivered projects for a diverse audience and seek similar opportunities.

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Textiles add a lot into making a house feel like home. It makes it a relatable comfort zone for the residents while reflecting their personality to the visitors. I have worked on a few projects creating home linen and would like to offer some more in the future.



Collaborations do not come to fruition only while creating final products. Seeing my work with Sedhantik and different cluster stories, I have been contacted time and again by several independent labels to create yardages with my print and embroidery graphics. So here I am opening this service to the world to get their ethical yardages sourced with print or embroidery. You could choose from some of my offerings or can get a customised graphic and yardage developed.



The most personal gift you can give to anyone is something that is customised and reflects the thoughts, culture, and care of its giver and the receptor. It’s even more special when that thought and care extends to the people and environment making those products. Let’s connect to personalise your ethical gifts.