Visiting Navdanya


After much contemplation I have decided to refrain from starting the stories section with an autobiographical text. Instead I will start with a story that has serendipity, nostalgia, and an eureka moment that I experienced recently.

Dr. Vandana Shiva and Navdanaya are names synonymous with respecting and living an indigenous way of life. Preserving desi (indigenous) varieties of seeds and methods of farming were serendipitously stemming from a way of life M.K. Gandhi propagated. The epiphany of the moment was when in one of the sessions Dr. Shiva spoke about her work with cotton communities in Punjab and Maharashtra. Later in the day I had the honour to speak to her in a private conversation a few times.

Sharing my family connection to cotton and the decline of work thanks to the green revolution, resonated with Dr. Shiva. To my surprise they have been already working on growing and processing indigenous cotton in Maharashtra. She very warmly offered to collaborate for work wherever I need help with creating textiles that involve the values and people of indigineous intelligence and methods.

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