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About me

Compassion for people, our environment and the ancient wisdom is the bottom line of my work stemming from personal experiences. I translate these emotions with help of textiles through indigenous raw materials, nature friendly processes and involving maximum people and minimum machinery to let heritage evolve. Let's discuss what can we build together.

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Re-Launching the Website




"I’ve know Sidhant Minocha since 2015. He was a delight to mentor - talented, enthusiastic, receptive and deeply motivated looking at fashion and design as a means of conveying his concern for the environment, sustainability, natural materials, and a fair and equitable society; going beyond aesthetics, ornamentation and trends, while sensitively reflected these in his collections.
His creative vision has always incorporated these multiple strands, and he is also drawn to melding Indian textile processes into his designs, travelling all over India  in search of weavers and crafts people to work with. Contemporising, challenging and innovating, while remaining true to the USP of each technique and tradition. 
His oeuvre is constantly evolving; I wish him well and look forward to seeing what comes next."

Laila Tyabji,
Chairperson & Founder Member, DASTKAR Society for Crafts & Craftspeople.

Design with Purpose

My mission is not just to design aesthetically pleasing products, but also to continuously learn and educate others about the importance of ethical sourcing and production in the design industry. I use my expertise to create high-quality designs that showcase the beauty of Indian handicrafts, while also advocating for the importance of sustainable and socially responsible practices. My two product brands are a testament to my commitment to ethical design practices and my desire to make a positive impact on the world.

My Work

While I design the webpages to justifiably present my projects on this website, kindly access the google drive to see my work and my resume.

Alternatively, you may check my profile on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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Lifestyle Brands

In 2016 I started my independent design journey with Sedhantik and now starting another brand Vehra Panjab Da

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panjab & beyond

Want to Discuss Work?

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